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How does LAMP work?

LAMP operates in four dedicated process steps:
Data Input LAMP automatically reads all data provided by a client’s individual health report, including his or her health history, disease timelines, and test results, and stores them in the database. Testing LAMP’s software runs hundreds of tests, scanning the client’s physical and mental landscape. The outcome allows Metabalance’s doctors and health coaches to monitor a large variety of relevant key health markers at the same time.

    Physician Mentor With the help of the LAMP software, Metabalance’s doctors and health coaches can select key focus markers, add health forecasts, or embed medical advice. Recommendations LAMP automatically recommends potential solutions and next steps for the clients based on its unique AI (artificial intelligence). All graphs, forecasts, and recommendations are automated, but can be adjusted by the physician directly.

      Metabalance’s LAMP-generated reports include a client’s health history, forecasts, benchmarks, advice and detailed product recommendations.