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Metabalance Healthcare At Niraamaya Retreats

Metabalance Healthcare in collaboration with Niraamaya Retreats now offers curative
wellness residential programs to bring you back to good health in the lap of nature,
at the picturesque & serene locations of Kovalam, Kerala and Solan, Himachal

Niraamaya Wellness Retreats are a selection of exquisite private spaces, nestled in
nature and crafted with care in some of the most stunning hideaways across India.
The retreats will take you on a journey to experience the true essence of distinctive
hospitality and bespoke wellness. The multi-award winning Niraamaya wellness
centre at the retreats deliver a range of wellness therapies including traditional
Ayurveda, Functional Medicine and yoga that replenish the mind, body, and spirit.

Metabalance Healthcare At Niraamaya Retreats

Niraamaya as an organization, very much like Metabalance, genuinely believes in the wellness approach of understanding the bigger picture, asking the “why” in addition to “what” for curing the root cause of a disease.

The word Niraamaya in Sanskrit means a state of well-being. Set amidst a picturesque tropical landscape, Niraamaya Wellness Retreats is among one of the best Ayurveda resorts and best meditation retreats in the world that offers a journey of revitalizing the mind, body and soul, creating blissful moments filled with serenity, peace, and serendipity.

Metabalance’s holistic approach to wellness fits perfectly with the aim and mission of Niraamaya Retreats where both derive their roots from the ancient wisdom of medicine, backed by modern science, and exquisitely delivered in a luxurious set-up and world-class technology.

The team of functional medicine experts at this wellness resort, doctors, and health coaches, therefore, examine each guest’s individual lifestyle, medical health & genetic history, as well as the status of their spiritual, mental, and psychological health as a crucial part of the consultation before the healing process at one of the best wellness retreats in India.


Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam: Niraamaya Retreats, Kovalam – a Relais & Châteaux property is located on the same beachfront as Kovalam but is intimately tucked away from the city. Among the 33 rooms, 23 are traditional Kerala styled accommodations with a verandah and spacious open-air bathrooms; scattered across a palm grove, interconnected by pathways. All the rooms are furnished with exquisite, hand-picked traditional furniture and artefacts. The unique cliff-side swimming pool and our much-famed award-winning spa will tempt you against straying from this peaceful haven.

Niraamaya Retreats Suryavilas, Solan: Quietly nestled on the misty Himalayan slopes of Solan, Niraamaya Retreats Suryavilas is a sublime spot of breath-taking views and bespoke opulence.

Experience nature at its untouched best, where you can witness both the first snow of winter and the first sprout of spring! Spread across a sweeping stretch of 15 acres, this Niraamaya Retreat in Solan is home to 36 exquisite rooms and 18 luxury glamping cottages that provide a breath-taking view of the mountains. Perfectly manicured gardens and the exotic blue colour schemes add to the ambience and provide a luxurious feel to this enchanting getaway!

Available Programs by Metabalance at Niraamaya Wellness Retreats

    The 3 nights introductory programs put you on a path of wellness and focus on gradual the elimination of chronic and lifestyle issues as well as increasing the health span of individuals. The main programs are Detox Program, Gut Purification and Skin Radiance.
    The Rejuvenateyour Immunity program is based on extensive inputs from more than 100 doctors, functional medicine practitioners, virologists, meditation and mindfulness experts and immunologists. The program aims to restore and balance a person’s immunity through a combination of factors like nutrition, sleep management, better lifestyle choices, hormone health, mental well-being complemented by advanced therapies. Rejuvenate your immunity at Niraamaya Retreats the best Ayurveda and meditation retreats in India, under the expert guidance of our functional medicine experts, and preventive healthcare practitioners.
    A fast-paced approach to life has left our minds toxic and exhausted. While many believe overthinking is the buzz killer, the issue lies in embracing what’s right in front of us and choosing what is important at that very moment. The skill of mindfulness can be learnt, and, to excel the mind, needs to be trained daily much like a muscle -by focusing on every single moment with full intention and awareness, assessing thoughts, physical sensations, feelings, and the environment we are in. With Metabalance’s customized mindfulness program and a team of experts at Niraamaya Wellness Retreats which is located away from the hustle-bustle of city life, we help you achieve a balance between Mind, Body and Soul, and find the peace, achieve lasting calmness and contentment that each one of us is searching for.
    More than 2.1 billion people around the world are overweight, obese, or diabetic. The western diet of processed foods together with excess sugar, grains, and vegetable oils, zero physical activity and stress are among some of the prime factors leading to insulin resistance. Diabetes has become a global epidemic and if recent studies are to be believed, 2 out of 5 people globally are expected to become diabetic at some stage of their lives. Experience holistic healing at Niraamaya and let the experts help you identify the root cause of the disease and reduce your dependency on medications.
    For anyone who wants to thrive at their workplace, be the best parent to their child or wishes to be the next big thing – stress is the new in! In a fast-paced life, our mind is constantly in a fight and flight mode. Day to day activities come with a lot of stress; getting stuck in traffic, important meetings and even running out of groceries and being stressed all the time, helps no one! Metabalance’s holistic approach for guests at Niraamaya provides a wide array of mind and body therapies that have a deep impact on individuals. Take a break from the drill and unwind as Metabalance’s Stress Management program helps you revive your mind, body, and soul in the lap of nature, at the stunning Niraamaya Wellness Retreats located amidst nature.
    Over-consumption of alcohol, nutritional imbalances, industrialized food, dehydration, and lack of breastfeeding can lead to problems like irritable bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhoea, leaky gut, gas, and bloating, to name a few. While popping an antacid pill might get rid of the symptom, the problem essentially remains the same until you decide to investigate what is causing it, and thereafter fix it.Metabalance’s Gut Restoration Program with the personally curated gourmet food at Niraamaya helps you on your journey to a Happy and Healthy Gut & rebuilds your gut flora.
    Dehydration, skin-care products loaded with chemicals, hormonal imbalances, nutritional imbalances, consumption of alcohol, stress and environmental pollutants can lead to skin damage leading to issues like persistent acne, dull and rough skin, pigmentation, dark circles, under-eye bags and early signs of ageing. At Niraamaya Wellness Retreats, you not only get the opportunity to live in the lap of nature, but you also get to experience our luxurious ayurvedic messages and our specially curated aesthetic programs. Metabalance’s Aesthetics Program at Niraamaya Retreats tailormade to your needs aims to help you achieve the best version of yourself and take a holistic approach to healing, repairing, and rejuvenating your skin inside out!
    We are all exposed to toxins in the air, food, and water that we drink. While these are in small amounts, toxins gradually accumulate in the body over time and this can lead to us feeling sluggish, low on energy and uncomfortable.

    In our daily lives, we are surrounded by a vast number of harmful toxins, interacting with our bodies through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the products we use. Despite the human body’s amazing-detoxification capabilities, it simply cannot process synthetic or chemical components, which form the basis of our modern consumer world.

    Our carefully designed Deep Detox Programs (includes options for heavy metal detox) by Metabalance at Niraamaya support and enhance the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and accumulated waste and rediscover its ideal balance. This helps to increase energy and vitality thus creating a foundation for optimum health, longevity, and personal growth.

    We are all aware that obesity is a significant risk factor for all cardio-metabolic disease, and that the temporary fad diets and weight loss tips do nothing to address the root cause of the cardio-metabolic syndrome.

    Bring back the body’s balance through the right supplementation of micronutrients that may have been depleted over time. The Metabolic Obesity Programs cover individual body needs and sustainable fat loss.

    The program focuses on correcting/balancing the major causes of weight gain by removing insulin resistance. Latent or chronic inflammation is reduced with the program significantly, healing the body from within, and leading to a sustained loss in percentage body fat.

    After an acute COVID-19 illness, the recovered patient may continue to report wide variety of signs and symptoms including fatigue, body ache, cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, etc. However, with personalized treatment a patient can be completely treated.

    This holistic comprehensive post covid care program is aimed to help these patients who are struggling to regain their physical activity levels, reduce dependence on supplemental oxygen, improve quality of life and most importantly cope better with the emotional and psychological impact of the disease.

    What is Post-Acute Covid Syndrome? Also known as “Long Covid” the “Post-Acute Covid Syndrome” refers to a set of symptoms that can persist in Covid-19 survivors long after they have seemingly recovered from Covid-19 infection. Typically, the symptoms persist beyond 3-weeks from the onset of first symptoms, extending up to beyond 12-weeks. This special program is currently available only at Niraamaya Retreats Suryavilas, Solan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does one need to stay for these programs?

    These programs have been planned keeping in mind a tentative duration to restore your body and help it on its way back to health. For example, a deep detox program can be done in a minimum of 3 days to up to 21 days. We understand that need of every individual’s body is different and residential program can be curated as per the need of the client.

  • Why should I trust my body and disease with a hotel group? How well do your retreat partners understand functional medicine?

    It is team of functional medicine experts and wellness coaches of Metabalance that has been placed at Niraamaya Retreats. The existing team at Niraamaya Retreats is thorough with the concept of natural healing and functional medicine. With world-class technology and well-structured programs laid out by our team is well-equipped to help you enjoy your wellness journey.

  • I have multiple problems; how will it be possible for me to get them resolved in 21 days?

    You begin your journey into wellness with this programme. The “disease” developed in your body over a long period of time, and it is not possible to reverse a chronic condition in 21 days or 14 days but yes you can start the reversal process and be on the right path there after.

  • Who and how will follow up happen after we have gone back home, since monitoring is required for 90 days or so in most of your program?

    The wellness coaches of Metabalance will keep in touch with you guiding you with necessary lifestyle changes, medical consultations, and treatments to be done once you are back home upto 90 days post the program completion.