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Nutritional Imbalance

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

- Hippocrates

What are the causes of Nutritional Imbalance?

Overall weakening of the immune system, and resulting in not feeling well enough to eat which causes a nutritional deficiency


Poor digestion

Imbalanced gut flora

Bad dietary habits

Hypersensitive responses and allergies to foods

Intense periods of stress

What are the signs & symptoms of Nutritional Imbalance?

Most Nutritional imbalances are diagnosed only when actual symptoms occur, but the root cause can exist undiscovered for a much longer time. The following signs can be indicators of nutritional imbalance : Unexplained Fatigue Known as a common side effect of iron deficiency, enduring fatigue can lead to anaemia. Further signs of anaemia can be pale skin, physical weakness, and shortness of breath. Brittle & Dry Hair Keratin, a form of protein, is the main component of hair, and plays a vital role in diagnosing nutritional deficiencies. Hair loss at an unusual rate, brittle appearance, and excessive dryness can be signs of imbalances due to a lack of fatty acids, protein, iron, and nutrients in the body. Ridged or Spoon-Shaped Nails Similar like hair, a change of shape, shine, density or colour of nails can be an early indicator of nutritional imbalance.

    Oral Health Cracked corners of the mouth, a pale or swollen tongue, and even minimal signs of inflammation inside or at the corners of the mouth can be early signs of Vitamin-B or iron deficiency. Diarrhoea Chronic loose motions are signs of malabsorption. As a result, the body is unable to absorb essential nutrients through food due to existing infections, a weak immunity system or gut flora, side-effects of medications, heavy and regular alcohol consumption, or other digestive disorders. Lack of Appetite According to Nancy Wellman, past president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the ‘chronic lack of appetite is a serious warning sign that you may be at risk of nutritional deficiencies’.

      Treatment of Nutritional Imbalance, The Metabalance Way

      We at Metabalance offer dedicated services and treatments to reduce and heal symptoms, root causes, and effects of Nutritional Imbalances, individualised for each client’s needs and situation.

      Nutrition & Nutrigenomics

      Nutrition & Nutrigenomics

      The science of nutrigenomics investigates the interdependence between food and genetics. How is food affecting a person’s genetic profile in the short and in the long run? And how does a person’s set of genes affect his or her ability to process nutrition in the food that they consume? Known as ‘genomic sequencing’, a saliva sample is being taken to determine a client’s genetic profile with a DNA test. All genes are thoroughly studied to understand if genetic predispositions towards intolerances or cardiometabolic risks exist. The current nutrigenomics research is offering path-breaking results, paving the way for preventing, mitigating, and treating chronic disease and certain cancers through small yet highly personalised dietary changes. Consequentially, nutrigenomics can unearth the root causes of health-related issues that have been hidden in the genetic profile. NUTRIGENOMICS KEY PRINCIPLES

      Nutrigenomics Key Principles:

      • What we eat can either contribute to healing, or become the cause of chronic disease.
      • Only once we understand our genetic profile, can we understand the impact of food on our state of health.
      • Chemicals in our food and water can permanently alter our genetic profile.
      • Once we know what food is good based on our genetic profile, a personalised diet can inhibit, mitigate, or cure chronic diseases.


      • Intolerance to milk because of a mutation in the LCT gene
      • Risk of developing metabolic syndrome based on genetic variants
      • Links between gut microbiota, obesity and mental health from a genetic standpoint
      • Correlation between a specific nutrient intake and disease, such as coffee and cardiac irregularities


      • Nutri-Technology is the science of treating food and its components as active molecules, each of them supporting the client’s optimal well-being and overall health. By mixing and matching the perfect combination of ingredients together, nutritional imbalances can be cured – individualised, on the spot, and encompassing all known tastes (salt, sugar, sour, bitter, astringent, pungent and umami).
      • At Metabalance, our health coaches use this advanced Nutri- technology technique and compile a thoroughly planned nutrition program, based on the result of a variety of blood and DNA tests, and support and monitor the client in his or her dietary program.