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Scientific Advisory Board

scientific advisory board - daivam wellness

Metabalance is proud to have some of the world’s most acclaimed experts in the fields of functional medicine on board as scientific advisors.

The board provides holistic insight, methodical direction and medical expertise to the Metabalance team and its clients. All of its members are recognised specialists from leading academic and medical institutions, and are highly skilled in their respective fields of functional medicine. With this diversity and holistic know-how, Metabalance is able to enrich and guide its clients The Metabalance Way.

    Dr Gerry Curatola
    Rejuvenation Dentistry

    Dr Kimchi Moyer

    Dr Peter Bongiorno
    Mental Health Depression

    Dr Eliott Dacher

    Dr Silvia Binder

    Dr. Birendranath Banerjee

    Dr. Sukbindar Singh Sibia
    Integrative Cardiologist

    Dr. Preeti Nanda Sibal
    Functional Medicine

    Dr James Lavale
    Metabolic Medicine

    Dr. Sujith S.R
    Integrative Oncology

    Dr Pravin Saxena
    Integrative Medicine (HBOT)

    Dr Joshua Pollock

    Dr Georges Mouton
    MD-Functional Medicine

    Dr Sujata Gupta

    Dr Scott Ross

    Dr. Mythri Shankar
    Consultant Nuclear Medicine

    Dr. Ruhi
    Consultant Functional Medicine

    Dr Tom O'Bryan
    Gut Health

    Dr. Ashwani Garg
    Consultant Functional Medicine

    Dr. Prateek Sondhi
    Consultant Aesthetic Dermatologist

    Dr. Manjari Chandra
    Consultant Functional Nutritionist

    Dr. Samir Nayyar
    Consultant Aesthetic Dentist& Surgeon

    Dr. Sunita Kaur Ahluwalia
    Anti-Aging, Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine