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Chief Mentor

Dr.  SANJAY SACHDEVA (PhD Nutrition) FOUNDER & CEO, Metabalance Healthcare, PhD in Nutritional Sciences and an MBA (Marketing) from FMS Delhi, Sanjay comes from a diverse educational background in strategy to international marketing to healthcare education, Sanjay brings together 35 years of corporate business

Wellness is not a ‘medical fix’ but a way of living – an integrated lifestyle approach, sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of body, mind and spirit. The way we all look at healthcare in this country is very different to the way we need to treat this lifestyle disorders – Sanjay Sachdeva.

Currently based in India Sanjay runs Metabalance Healthcare Pvt. Ltd which is a comprehensive Functional & Bio-regulatory Medicine Centre facility in Delhi and runs India’s only Mobile Functional medicine Clinic for at Home Wellness Services

He is also doing wellness consultancy for many Wellness Resorts, Ayurveda & Naturopathy and Functional Medicine clinics in India and abroad – Like Niraamaya Resorts  in Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Goa, , Wishing Well Initiative Oncology in Bangalore, Araadhana Ayurvedic Village in Rishikesh and Eternity Medicine in Dubai, Also consulting to Miskawaan in Thailand

He has a collaboration with Miskawaan in Thailand offering wellness programmes and Resort consulting in KohSamui and Bangkok

He is on Board of several other companies as director and hasadvisory roles and holds key mentor positions in the advisory panel of almost 4 start health care -ups, driving each establishment towards success. With over 14 Governmental & National awards and recognitions to himself, he has been successful in charting his own ways in the field of management introducing new and innovative standards within the field. He regularly addresses International Conferences and Seminars on Innovative Ideas, sharing his experiences and developed techniques and concepts.

He is also a founder Director of Doctors Beyond Medicine South Africa and India treating Cancer and Dreaded Diseases for the Forgotten people of the world (  and have treated over 6 million people worldwide

Sanjay’s vision is rooted in the past and tied with the evolving trends of the future, and with his 10 years of dedicated Research in the field of wellness and healthcare he has embarked on a journey to take wellness into a new platform. He has since 1984, completed over 17 online and offline courses in nutrition, health care and wellness marketing.

The Healthcare Companies that Sanjay is involved with have treated over 3000 patients in the last 4 years of chronic Lifestyle and Metabolic Disorders.

He is also running Corporate Wellness Programs for Select Group, Central Park , AIPL Gurgaon , Le Meridian ( Gurgaon ) Leela Gurgaon , Hyatt Regency Kochi .

He also owns the Rights for Developing India’s First Longevity Platform being launched in Feb 2024

He speaks at international and National Conferences and trains Doctors in Mindfulness, Mind Body Medicine and Nutritional Psychology

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Dr Alok Chopra, MRCP

Cardiometabolic & Life Style Medicine

Consultant Cardiologist & Director, AASHLOK Hospital, Fortis Associate, Safdarjung Enclave


Dr Alok Chopra holds an MBBS, MD degree from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP), London. Dr Chopra completed his residency at G.B Pant Hospital, New Delhi, and has served as a lecturer at the Department of Cardiology, Royal Post graduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital, London. He is a member of the Indian College of Cardiology, Cardiology Society of India, International College of Chest Physicians, & the Indian Academy of Echocardiography. He had launched DAIVAM WELLNESS, which is a form of treatment ,which repairs our biochemistry and treats the root cause of the illness without Pharma drugs, and repairs our systems while the disease recovers as a side effect of the enhancement of health This is limited to chronic diseases , while Emergency medicine is the domain of mainstream medicine and continuing at Ashlok Hospital Currently this a science based , system biology medicine , which addresses the root cause of an illness , looks at the whole person and not just symptomatic cure , by looking at the terrain and not the plant and by looking upstream for a cause presenting with a bunch of symptoms masquerading as a disease …..”as well as how our genes interact with our environment , nutrition , lifestyles and mental attitudes.

In effect it’s something which restores the disruption in the balance and harmony of our bio-regulatory systems, which are working in any case , without our control and command ..and these systems are not described by geographic locations in our body or by illnesses / symptoms ..but something which are like integrated and interconnected systems which dynamically interact with each other ..with the Gut as the conductor and all other organs as pieces in this vast orchestra.

Our systems are Nutrition, Gut Microbiome , Hormonal balance , Inflammation control , Detox control , Metabolic balance , Immune balance , Structural integrity , Psychospritual integrity and Epigenetics So there is no disease , just analysis and repair of the above systems and the illness goes away as a side effect of the enhancement of health


Naturopathic Physician- BNYS

Dr. Vishnu Prithika BNYS, MS. CND, Naturopathy physician who has graduated from SDM college Manglore in 2021

Dr. Vishnu Prithika did master’s in clinical nutrition and Dietetics. She has donecertificate course in functional nutrition from ithrive academy and ozone therapy course from ozone forum of India (Mumbai) and traditional chinese medicine acupuncture. She is specialized in naturopathy and TCM diagnosis and treats by formulating personalized naturopathy diet chart, acupuncture treatment along withozone therapy and other naturopathy therapies

She has 3 years experience in integrative management of disease, nutrition and detox and TCM diagnosis and acupuncture treatments. She envision to deliver compassionate care and cure to patients through a holistic approach using integrative medicine