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An enema involves instilling liquid into the colon—or large intestine. The liquid flows through a nozzle you insert through the anus. There are two basic types of enemas—diagnostic and therapeutic. Diagnostic enemas help doctors screen and diagnose conditions of the colon and rectum. Therapeutic enemas treat certain diseases, disorders, and conditions affecting the large intestine and rectum. Here’s a look at common enema uses and enema benefits

One of the main reasons for enema treatment is to relieve from constipation, Colon Cleansing, Detox , GUT Restore and repair, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, and many conditions.

Types of Enemas

Butter Milk Enemas – Buttermilk enemas help in improving the gut health and also prevent serious dehydration. Buttermilk is a rich source of probiotics and contains all the essential macronutrients. It has proteins, carbohydrates, minimal lipids, vitamins, and essential enzymes. This Enema helps build healthy bacteria in the stomach.

Turmeric Enemas – Curcumin enema is beneficial for treating conditions that involve inflammation. Curcumin is a chemical present in turmeric that has anti-inflammation properties. Apart from benefiting numerous other conditions, it is especially recommended for people undergoing cancer treatment.

Coffee Enemas – Coffee enemas stimulate the natural peristaltic contractions of the colon, and help remove wastes, mucous, and bile from the liver, gallbladder, and from colon wall. When a coffee enema is done, caffeine from the coffee is absorbed into the system and goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong detoxing agent.

Olive Oil Enemas – Oil Enema is a lubricant laxative that lubricates and softens the stool to produce a bowel movement. It is a good option if stools are very hard or difficult to pass or if you need to avoid straining, especially if you are recovering from surgery, childbirth or if you suffer from hemorrhoids.

Warm Water Enemas – Warm water Enemas are the most common Enema and beneficial for almost everyone. They enhance overall health, promote detoxification, protect against constipation, improve digestion, and support weight loss.


OZONE Therapy

Medical ozone therapy is a unique treatment that both detoxifies and heals the body. Ozone therapy can be used for many chronic illnesses including chronic infections (Lyme, viral, fungal), autoimmune issues, colitis, allergies, bladder issues, Multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, acute infections (sinus, skin, etc.), aging process, etc.

Ozone doesn’t cure these conditions, but it helps the body through better oxygen utilization begin to heal. It is used in conjunction with all the other approaches offered to help improve a patients Wheel of Health. These include hormone balancing, thyroid and adrenal restoration, improved Gut function and lifestyle modifications.

Conditions Treated by Ozone Therapy:

  1. Infected Wounds
  2. Circulatory Disorders
  3. Geriatric Disorders
  4. Macular Degeneration
  5. Viral Diseases
  6. Rheumatism and Arthritis
  7. Cancer
  8. SARS

Medial Properties of Ozone:

Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system. This means that when the immune system is activated (autoimmunity) ozone will calm it down. Also, when the immune system is depleted (chronic infections, cancer, etc.) ozone will stimulate it. This occurs by ozone’s unique interaction with white cells to release immune messengers called cytokines.

  1. Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system. This means that when the immune system is activated (autoimmunity) ozone will calm it down. Also, when the immune system is depleted (chronic infections, cancer, etc.) ozone will stimulate it. This occurs by ozone’s unique interaction with white cells to release immune messengers called cytokines.
  2. Ozone stimulates increased uptake of Oxygen through a special enzyme called DPG. In the absence of adequate DPG our cells become starved for oxygen.
  3. Ozone improves circulation. It does this by improving the flow characteristic of blood as a liquid. Many patients with chronic inflammatory conditions will have impaired circulation.
  4. Ozone increases antioxidant protection more than any other therapy. Most patients with chronic illness have depleted antioxidant capability
  5. Ozone is a powerful mitochondrial stimulant. The mitochondria are the energy source for every cell in your body. The fundamental cause behind all chronic illnesses from Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, etc. is decreased mitochondrial energy production.


IV Therapies


Intravenous therapy (IVT) is the fastest way to give your body the nutrition it needs. The process allows the vitamins to go right into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive process, to give you faster, more effective results. IV therapies have been clinically proven to stimulate and increase immune system function. It encourages cellular repair, regeneration, and accelerates the process of recovery. IVT enhances the sense of wellbeing, alleviates nutritional deficiencies and addresses multiple medical conditions.

IV therapies are customized to meet your specific health needs and ensure you are completely satisfied with your results. At Daivam Wellness, we offer IV therapies to help restore your general health and well being. This therapy offers a number of other benefits, especially if you’re dealing with a chronic health condition that isn’t being helped by your regular diet.


One of the main benefits of IV therapy is that it allows nutrients to be infused directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, Intravenous treatments are exceptionally powerful because they circumvent issues with oral administration, including stomach upset, absorption issues, and loss of potency. In addition, since the nutrients are infused directly into the bloodstream and avoid the gastrointestinal system, very large doses can be administered without gastrointestinal side effects which can limit dosing.


  1. Autoimmune Conditions
  2. Low Immunity
  3. Anxiety
  4. Heavy Metal Toxicity
  5. Detoxification
  6. Neurological Conditions
  7. Infections
  8. Dementia
  9. Lyme disease
  10. Migraines
  11. Chronic Fatigue


Myers Cocktail – Ideal for people suffering from acute asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasm, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergies, and cardiovascular disease. This infusion contains magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins and vitamin C, which are claimed to be beneficial for a broad range of conditions. These nutrients improve the body on a cellular level and enter the bloodstream directly in the most bio-available form, reaching the energy-producing powerhouses called the mitochondria and producing an instant energy boost.

Men’s Boost – Ideal for people having low energy levels and slow muscle growth. It is infused with B complex vitamins and glutamine which boost energy levels and increase the ability to secrete human hormones which help in growth. Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the body, is essential for maintaining the intestinal function, immune response, and amino acid homeostasis during times of severe stress. Glutamine supplementation has been found to improve the nutritional and immunologic status

Liver Detox – Ideal for people who are fatigued, stressed, drink large amounts of alcohol, smoke or suffer from cirrhosis and fatty liver. The Detox IV contains Vitamin B12, B6, and other vitamins that are vital for liver detoxification

Vitamin C (High Dose) – High-dose vitamin C IV therapy is used to Improve your skin texture and make it glow. Boost your immune system to fight stress, flu, colds, and low energy. Protect cell structures – DNA, protein, and collagen – from oxyradicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) – antioxidant properties.

Glutathione – An IV infusion of glutathione delivers the powerful antioxidant directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract where adequate absorption is not a guarantee. It is used to boost the immune system to help fight diseases including viruses and bacteria. It is used to eliminate free radicals from the body which in turn brightens and lightens the skin by clearing out hyper-pigmentation and inhibiting melanin production in cells

ALA – This antioxidant injection is a fast route to the prevention of aging and cellular damage. As a regular anti-aging therapy, ALA IV shot shots can help to improve the quality of the skin and diminish the signs of photoaging, including fine lines and wrinkles, benefits are Anti-ageing, weight loss, Vision health, Liver Health, Reversal of Type II diabetes, Slows or stop cancer, Treatment of dementia and cognitive decline.

EDTA Chelation – Chelation therapy is a process in which a synthetic solution – EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)—is injected into the bloodstream to remove heavy metals and/or minerals from the body. Chelation therapy is a very effective way to remove several heavy metals from the blood, including Lead, arsenic, mercury, iron, copper, nickel, etc


PEMF Therapy

What is eMedica

eMedica is an electronic medical device that modulates the electro-magnetic frequency of a human body to its optimal frequency. It generates a specific frequency, voltages, and current combinations of the same to cure the targeted disease within a human body.

The World of Frequencies: Every disease and Virus works on its own optimal Frequency, eMedica works on particular frequencies dedicated to diseases.

It also improves the charge of your blood cell. The very first thing that gets impacted in your body when you fall sick is your cell’s potential. The minute the person is sick because of any disease, the potential of their cell drops. eMedica improves the membrane potential of each cell by improving the immune system.

eMedica increases the blood temperature to its optimal levels. A fever fights infection by helping immune cells to crawl along the blood-vessel. The temperature of these cells from the normal mouse body temperature of 37°C to X°C. The method could help to reveal human organ functions in health and disease.

eMedica improves the blood cell pH level. As the cell charge levels are increased the pH level of the blood increases and make the blood alkaline.

eMedica also delivers negative ions (electrons). When the human body is ill or infected with any diseases or virus, the blood gets ionized by giving negative electrons. We can deionize blood by using the eMedica wellness device.

Key Features

  1. eMedica is a unique, state-of-the-art, smart, drug-free micro medical therapeutic device that brings multiple alternative therapies on a single platform to treat illnesses, specific disorders, and various medical treatments with a suitable operating system. The device is available in wearable, portable form and can be customized to be as big as a hospital bed.
  2. eMedica device is capable of monitoring the health condition in real-time and it’s integrated with IOT and the intelligent decision support system. In case of emergency, the alert notification will be sent to the Physician or the registered hospital/caretaker.
  3. With the IOT platform, the concerned doctor can monitor their patients in critical condition as well as can do routine checkups remotely.
  4. The system is capable of integrating with the Hospital’s Patient Management/ Health Records System. It is also proposed to create and run a back office to monitor patients round the clock using robotic process automation.

eMedica wellness device

  1. Improves your Immune system
  2. Helps to control your Blood sugar level
  3. Helps to control cholesterol
  4. Helps to Control Blood Pressure
  5. Improves your blood circulation
  6. Increases your Ph. levels
  7. No side effects
  8. Non-invasive and Natural way

Benefits of eMedica

  1. Non Invasive way of healing.
  2. No side effects.
  3. No Chemicals.
  4. Proven Science.
  5. Any Medicine /Chemical used for a longer period intends for side effects such as kidney failure.
  6. One could reduce the medicine consumption by using eMedica in daily use for minimum 2hrs.
  7. “NABL” INDIAN Government certified device.
  8. “CE” Certified Device.
  9. “ROHS” Certified.




Microcurrent is a revolutionary technology that helps to balance and restore the body’s electrical system by delivering electrical impulses directly to the body. Even though it was invented over 100 years ago, it is only now catching the attention of the public. Now that word is starting to spread, we often hear people ask, “what is microcurrent, exactly?” Here’s the scoop.

In contrast with other types of electrotherapy such as TENS, a microcurrent device uses the same types of electrical frequencies found naturally in the body itself. These are extremely low-frequency impulses -most often between 0.5 and 2500 hertz.

BEST technology, developed by Avazzia’s , produces microcurrent electrical impulses, which are transmitted by electrodes in the device through the skin to communicate with the body’s nervous system. BEST products are controlled by a high-performance microcomputer chip, which uses Avazzia proprietary software

These hand-held devices are FDA-cleared for

  1. Prescription use for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain (available by prescription only).
  2. Over-the-counter use for the temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder, waist, back, back of the neck, upper extremities (arm), and lower extremities (leg) due to strain from exercise or normal household work activities.
  3. These noninvasive neuro-stimulation devices allow patients to take control of their pain management.
  4. Avazzia BEST (Bio-Electric Stimulation Technology) products feature a tissue reaction response indication, making them superior to traditional TENS units. BEST products work on different neural paths than a traditional TENS.
  5. Healthcare providers – including physicians, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers – use these devices for their own pain management and with their patients.
  6. Patients with diabetes use Avazzia BEST technology to manage pain connected with neuropathy; dental patients use Avazzia products to manage pain after tooth extractions; athletes – including college and professional athletes – use Avazzia BEST products to reduce pain associated with rehab and after injuries. When used with a pencil- or Y-electrode, Avazzia BEST products can be used on acupuncture points.

Microcurrent therapy has been shown to be effective at treating a tremendous variety of acute and chronic conditions, including but not limited to

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Type 1 diabetes mellitus
  3. Anxiety and depression
  4. Fibromyalgia
  5. Chronic Lyme disease
  6. Sprains
  7. Inflammatory bowel disease
  8. Narcolepsy
  9. Broken bones
  10. Systemic lupus erythematosus
  11. Celiac disease
  12. Bee stings
  13. Mulitple sclerosis
  14. Crohn’s disease
  15. PMS
  16. Psoriasis
  17. Fibrosis And many more
  18. Grave’s disease
  19. Headaches and migraines